Creator Economy SendStack - Privacy-first newsletter platform

SendStack is a new newsletter platform oriented to user privacy. I find the writing experience and the subscriber management better than ConvertKit and Revue.

So I distribute my articles via SendStack.

Subscription Forms

Customizable subscription forms that you can embed in your website.

Website for Newsletter

You get a website for the newsletter, and you can find the website created for me here.

Subscribers Management

SendStack subscribers management is sleek and clean. You have a single unified list of subscribers. Anyone that drops out (unsubscribed) is removed - come to think about it - you do not need this.

Subscribers can be tagged, and you see who is assigned to each tag. A subscriber can be assigned multiple tags.

So you can run email marketing on SendStack. Sort of a simple MailChimp.

The Writing Experience

A good rich text editor with a clean setup of message subject and preview.

You assign a tag to the message to select the recipients.

Once you finish writing, you can send a preview to specific email messages.

And once you are ready, you send the newsletter.


Messages carry no tracking, and it is well known that open tracking is not a good metric.

With today's privacy-minded audience, it is better to be privacy minded.

Programmatic Interface

You can integrate SendStack with API calls to add and remove subscribers, which is how I add new subscribers from my blog.


Integration to Slack and Email lets you get notified on subscribing and unsubscribing.

The Price

It is $19 for the first 1,000 subscribers. And then, it increases by $6 for each additional 1,000 subscribers. So the free tier is about a third of what is offered for free ConvertKit.

Yet, I found it much more convenient for sending blog articles than ConvertKit.


For the freelancer, creator, and solopreneur - SendStack is an excellent choice.

Yoram Kornatzky

Yoram Kornatzky

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