Entrepreneurship Where to Launch - US vs EU?

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As an SMB or solopreneur targeting Europe and US, where should you register and launch your startup first: the EU or US?

This was the focus of my attention for the past weeks. I share my observations, including the implications for your website and the legal load you will need to take.

Multi-Language Site

For the EU, you need to build the site from the start with multiple interface languages.

If users on your site, produce content, such as a marketplace, or the auction events platform that I am building, you need to support entering content in multiple languages.

With getting content in the language corresponding to the interface language they have chosen.

The Legal Load

If you go to the EU, you need user terms in each language that is used on your site.

For the US, English is enough.

The Payments

For the US, Stripe is the clear leader.

For the EU, a whole range of services is possible.


So these are clearly two different worlds to chose from.

Yoram Kornatzky

Yoram Kornatzky

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