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Creator Platforms - Live Sessions versus Fire and Forget

Creator economy platforms present creators with a variety of tools for creating content. Be it video, audio, photos, or text.

Live versus Fire and Forget

When considering content on such platforms one can see two broad classes:

  • 1. Fire and forget - the creator shoots a video or records a podcast or makes a course
  • 2. Live session - the creator carries live interaction with the audience, through live video call or audio call. Either one-to-one or group.

Creator economy platforms can include either one or both of these classes. For instance, teachable is fire and forget - you make a course and people use it. Cameo includes video shoutouts and live calls with celebrities. LiveLink is pure fire and forget. Luma is purely a live session.

Of course, even purely fire and forget platforms such as Substack or Teachable include a chat component, but this is a post-creation tool.

The Platform Interfaces

If you build for creators, the distinction of live vs fire and forget is fundamental, in defining the interface you present to creators.

From the audience perspective, this distinction is between an ordinary web application, which may present media such as video, and a real-time web application, where the audience and the creator observe each other actions in real-time. Be it a live video call, or a chat.

The Auction Events Platform for Creators

This is a platform that I have been building for the past year.

The platform will include both live events and fire and forget events. A live session auction - aka live auction - is a hybrid event with an audience IRL hall, and an audience online. A fire and forget auction - aka timed auction - runs automatically for a duration of time, without an auctioneer running it.

We believe creators would want both of these types of auctions, with the live auction being used for a major promotion, while the timed auction being used for drops say with Laylo.

Do We Need Both?

The rise of async culture, due to audience constraints on time spent on the platform, obvious creator load, and time zone differences, imply that fire and forget are here to stay.

On the other hand, the natural human desire for live interaction, and the substantial value of live interaction, for entertainment, education, and brainstorming, imply that live session is here to stay.

So overall, a creator platform would be wise to incorporate both types of content. It is expected that multiple price tiers would be needed to incorporate both.

Yoram Kornatzky

Yoram Kornatzky