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Ceeya - A Personal Brand Platform

Ceeya is a new platform for a combined personal branding site and link in bio.

My Personal Brand

I have built my brand site on Ceeya so that you can get a first-hand impression.

A Wall of Tiles

Ceeya presents your site as a collection of tiles. A tile can be a calendar booking, a service, an event or class, or a link. You have lovely illustrations, including short movie clips, that you can assign to a tile.


Bookings work by integration with Google Calendar.

A service or event, or class can be priced, so your audience can pay beforehand for the service. Ceeya has zero take rate.

Payments to creator work via PayPal. So you need to fill in the email used by your PayPal.

The free plan limits you to three service cards and is a nice way to test the water.

Superior to Linktree

Compared to Linktree Ceeya is a refreshing alternative. Ceeya looks very good on mobile. However, Ceeya shines on a desktop or tablet, where it appears as a full-fledged high-quality site. This should be contrasted with Linktree which looks like a dull list of links on a desktop.


For the creator wishing to build his/her personal brand, Ceeya is an excellent option.

Yoram Kornatzky

Yoram Kornatzky