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A Single-Player BeReal

BeReal is the hot new name in social networks. So hot that Instagram and TikTok are trying to emulate it.

How does BeReal work?

The way BeReal works is it prompts users to take one unedited photo a day at a random time, which changes daily. Users then have two minutes to take a photo and post it to the app before it's marked as late.

A Single Player BeReal

At a random time during the day, write a note or take a photo of whatever you are doing.

Effectively, you are sampling yourself at random points in time.

Being a single player, you might increase the sampling frequency to be at a random time in each hour during day time.

Over time you will collect these moments and be able to make some deductions about your life.

Time Tracking by Sampling

This sampling amounts to a simple form of time tracking, with the hustle of the start and stop of a time clock.

What Can You Learn About Yourself

How is the bulk of your time being spent? If you are a freelancer, consultant, creator, artist, or solopreneur, you switch tasks and activities often. Maybe a large part of your time is spent contemplating or reading.

Time tracking with a clock and deducing anything from time tracking is difficult, even with the best time tracking system.

Sampling is a better reflection over time of your life and work. It lets you contemplate your life in terms of short memories of moments.

Is It Accurate?

Over time, sampling averages out and smoothes the short interruptions of your day. You get the overall picture of how you spend your time.

How to Implement It?

A simple web app that will sample you and in which you will write a 140-character message, Twitter-like. And best if you use hashtags.

No photos, no audio, no video.

Why Short?

Being short, it is easy to do with no overhead. And it can be done even in the middle of a conference. This is intended for a single player who is busy with creative work.

Being Twitter-like, we will later be able to provide you with some automated deductions based on machine learning.


I have written a daily journal for many years, and it looks like a personal Twitter. So I am interested in turning the multi-player BeReal into valuable something that I can use as a single-player.

Yoram Kornatzky

Yoram Kornatzky